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Buffalo Wild Wings

“The best features the system provides for our
operation is the instant guest feedback, and
next morning reporting”


– Jason Curtis
Director of Operations
AMC Group (BWW Franchisee)

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INDUSTRY: Restaurant


  • Allegiant Electronic Comment Card




Buffalo Wild Wings

AMC Group is a franchisee of Buffalo Wild Wings with locations in Michigan and Florida. Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar is one of the top fastest growing restaurant chains in the country. Founded in 1982, the operator and franchisee is best known for its buffalo-style chicken wings and 14 signature sauces; also featuring a full menu of salads, appetizer, burgers, and specialty drinks. The New York style wing and sports bar concept is on a mission to WOW their guests every day by achieving the highest level of satisfactio



As the AMC group continued to experience growth, they wanted to maintain a level of service and guest satisfaction at several of their Buffalo Wild Wings locations in Michigan and Florida. According to Jason Curtis, AMC Group, Director of Operations, their primary concern was the ability to generate reliable and instant feedback from their guests about their dining experience. Striving for excellence in foodservice, the company wanted a means to accurately monitor, measure, and evaluate their guests’ experience as it related to friendly service, food, fun and value.


At the franchisee’s request, survey systems were shipped to each of the 10 locations in Michigan.

System Components:

  • 10 Electronic Comment Card Survey Trays
  • 1 Docking System
  • 2 LRS Alphanumeric Staff Pagers

LRS consulted with each location and provided them with the option to choose a custom survey or a benchmark survey already in use by other BWW franchisees. An LRS consultant also conducted a telephone orientation, which included connecting the system through the Internet for data transfer. Once the system charged for 24 hours, the survey program was implemented with the staff, and the system was ready for use.


Receiving Instant and Accurate Feedback
Servers hand the handheld device to guests at their table as they present them with their check. The survey device then prompts guests to respond to a series of questions that measure their satisfaction in each aspect of their dining experience. If guests indicate that they are a “First-Time guest” and/or that they “Would Not Return or Recommend Buffalo Wild Wings” to others, the device instantly alerts a manager by sending a message to the manager pager with the table number that entered the response. “Managers are immediately notified and are able to correct service issues before the guest leave,” comments Curtis.

Measuring Daily Performance
At the end of each day, the devices are docked to charge, and after closing, they automatically send the days data through the LRS database. By 7:00 AM each day, managers are emailed or given on-line access to reports. “The information we gather from the reports allow us to conduct performance evaluations for each server, and identify and correct any service problems,” says Curtis. The system tracks and evaluates each server based on the responses provided by the guests they served.



  • 75% or higher guest participation
  • Instant and accurate feedback from guests about their dining experience
  • Instantly improves guest experience
  • Monitor daily performance and set