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Shakey's Pizza Parlor

“The Key Call System has dramatically improved our
speed of service, reduced customer confusion and increased our sales.”

– Rebecca Black
Vice President of Operations
& Franchise Support

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INDUSTRY: Restaurant


  • KeyCall - Table System




Shakey's Pizza Parlor
Shakey’s Pizza Parlor is famous for their pizza, Mojo® potatoes, crispy chicken and their family-focused atmosphere. They started with a single location in 1954 in Sacramento, CA and they now have 55 locations in the US with plans to double in size over the next couple years.



Shakey’s had two issues they wanted to tackle. First, they were having difficulty establishing realistic service time goals. Second, they were wasting time trying to locate customers which was affecting food being served hot and fresh as well as their table turn rate.



The unique Key Call - Table Locator System by LRS was chosen to help Shakey’s meet these two challenges. The Key Call system was designed to help Fast Casual concepts to measure and increase speed of service while providing an unmatched level of service. Shakey’s has installed the system in 23 locations.

Typical Shakey’s Key Call System Components:

  • T7503 Transmitter
  • PC-Touch Screen Combo Unit
  • Key Call Starter Unit
  • Key Call Clearing Unit
  • Key Call Table Units with Push For Service Button
  • Key Call Order Keys
  • Rechargeable Alphanumeric Manager Pagers
  • Rechargeable Alphanumeric Food Runner Pagers
  • Pager Charging Unit

System Installation:
The T7503 transmitter, PC-Touch Screen Combo Unit and Clearing Unit are installed in the kitchen. Key Call Table Units are assigned a table number and installed on the corresponding tables. Alphanumeric Pagers are assigned to managers and food runners. Key Call Order Keys and a Key Call Starter Unit are placed at the register.

System Operation:
As a customer places a food order, the cashier gives the customer a Key Call Order Key and enters that number as the order number into the POS system. The customer decides where they will sit and inserts the Order Key into the Key Call Table Unit. The Table Unit then transmits to the T7503 where to deliver the order for that key. At that point, a timer is also started.
When the order is up, the food runner references the PC/Touch Screen Monitor unit to determine what table should receive that order and heads directly to that table. The food runner delivers the order, collects the Order Key and inserts it into the Clearing Unit in the kitchen to remove that order from the screen. The timer is stopped and the data stored for future reporting.
Timer thresholds are set in the Key Call system to indicate when an order is late. When an order reaches this threshold, a manager is paged. The orders are color-coded as white, yellow, orange, and red on the Status Screen to indicate level of urgency.


Established Accurate Service Time Goals
Because the Key Call system tracks the moment an order is entered to the moment it’s cleared from the system, Shakey’s was able to determine an accurate service-time benchmark. Guess work is eliminated and a true benchmark is obtained with no hassle.

Improved Speed of Service
Shakey’s knew they were wasting time using the old search for the plastic table number method. “Implementing Key Call has really enabled us to improve our speed of service all while ensuring orders are served hot and fresh.” says Rebecca Black, Vice President of Operations and Franchisee Support.

Increased Revenue from Reorders
The Key Call System is available with a push-for-service feature that Shakey’s elected to implement. This enables guests to wirelessly page a manager or food runner for service by pressing a button on the Key Call Table Unit. “Initially we didn’t anticipate the increased revenue but once we saw the results, we embraced it and now call it the ‘Beer Button™’. We really promote this service to our patrons.” remarks Black. Shakey’s has seen an increase not just in beer sales but in overall reorders.

Increased Revenue from Faster Table Turns
Shakey’s has also seen an increase of revenue due to the fact that they’re turning tables faster. Because Key Call improves speed of service, it helps reduce table turn time. More table turns means more customers are served which translates to more sales.

Enhanced Customer Service
One of Shakey’s goals is to provide a great customer experience and the Key Call system has helped them to strengthen their focus on this key area. Orders are delivered faster than ever possible in the past and with the push-for-service button, guests feel like the staff is there to personally serve them.


When asked if they would recommend this system to others and continue implementation, Black emphatically stated, “Absolutely! All our new restaurants will have this system.” With the success of the LRS Key Call system, Shakey’s has also expressed interest in other applications like online ordering and CurbAlert, the curbside to-go notification system.