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University of Texas Medical Branch



“Daily reporting has allowed the managers to monitor and address any outstanding issues quickly."



– Louise Hancock RN
Director of Operations

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INDUSTRY: Healthcare


  • Electronic Comment Card



University of Texas Medical Branch

Established in 1891 as the University of Texas Medical Department Branch, the 84-acre UTMB campus includes four schools, three institutes for advanced study, a major medical library, a network of hospitals and clinics that provide a full range of primary and specialized medical care, an affiliated Shriners Burns Hospital, and numerous research facilities. UTMB is a component of the University of Texas System with 2,500 students and more than 1,000 faculty.



UTMB wanted to explore a method that would allow them to get instant feedback from their patients regarding their satisfaction of services provided, so that any patient concerns could be addressed immediately.


According to Louise Hancock RN, UTMB’s Director of Operations, UTMB recognized the opportunity in using LRS’ Electronic Comment Card survey system to receive instant feedback and to offer quick service recovery for any patient concerns

System Components: (Per Location)

  • 10 - Electronic Comment Card Survey Trays
  • 1 - Docking Station
  • 2 - LRS alphanumeric manager pagers

System Implementation:
Several systems have been installed at 16 locations, within and outside of the UTMB campus. The locations consist of: Family and Internal Medicine, outpatient clinics, gastroenterology & renal clinics, pediatric primary care clinics, pediatric specialty clinics, OB/GYN, and orthopedic clinics.
The process for handing out the survey trays has been left to the individual clinics. However, many of them have found success in giving the responsibility to the nurse who hands them to patients, immediately following the completion of their visit. After patients complete the survey, the nurse collects the trays and returns them to the docking station.


Receiving Instant Feedback
As patients are presented with the survey, the device prompts them through a series of questions that measure their satisfaction in various aspects of their service experience. If at anytime the patient enters a response that triggers a concern about the service rendered, the manager is instantly alerted with a message that is sent to the alphanumeric manager pager. At that time, the manager can immediately follow up on the issue at hand. “The pager option allows the manager to address the patient’s concern at the time of the visit and has helped with patient satisfaction” comments Hancock.

Daily Reporting
The survey trays are placed on a docking station at the end of each day and that day’s survey response data is automatically transmitted to the LRS database, where reports are generated overnight. By the beginning of the next day, the reports are emailed to managers or are available online. Managers are able to utilize the information from the reports to assess patients’ overall satisfaction. “Daily reporting has allowed the managers to monitor and address any outstanding issues quickly”, adds Hancock.

As UTMB has benefited from the system’s ability to instantly alert them of patients’ concerns, quick service recovery has helped with patient satisfaction. As a result, the medical branch expanded the use of the systems to include more clinics.



  • Increase patient satisfaction by instantly addressing patients’ concerns
  • Get instant feedback about patients’ service experience
  • Generate reports daily to monitor patient satisfaction and address outstanding issues