Pharmacy solutions

Increase store sales and serve pharmacy customers faster

With the pharmacy industry getting more competitive, and government regulations regarding patient privacy getting stricter, it is more challenging than ever to serve customers and increase sales

Well, LRS can help. Since 1993, our unique, reliable and affordable on-site paging systems have been helping pharmacies increase store sales, improve customer service and boost staff efficiency. And we can do the same for you.


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Customer Paging Systems

> Adverteasers - Paddle Pagers

> Coaster Pagers

Don’t lose potential store sales because customers have to wait in the pharmacy for prescriptions. Hand them one of our on-site pagers so they can shop while they wait. When the prescription is filled, silently page them to let them know. That way, they won’t interrupt your pharmacy staff before it’s ready.

customer assistance paging

> Pushbutton Paging

Nothing irritates a customer more than needing assistance and no one is around. Make sure that doesn’t happen with the wireless Butler II push-for-service system. Your customer just presses a button and your staff can be there right away.

drive-thru notification

> Drive-Thru Paging

Notify staff immediately when a vehicle enters the prescription drive-thru/pick-up lane.