grocery Solutions

LRS has developed multiple solutions to meet the needs of retail and grocery stores. Our solutions help to minimize staff, enhance customer service, and communicate more efficiently.

• Improves customer service.
• Reduces overhead paging.
• Increases security.


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Pushbutton paging

> Cashier Paging - The Butler II

Cashiers can page a manager or other coworker when assistance is needed. Perfect when change, stamps, price check, or manager overide is required.

staff Paging system

> Interoffice Paging

Eliminate the overhead PA system and page any employee from your desktop PC or telephone in your facility. Get answers quickly and reduce customer waiting times.

Nursery Paging

> Nursery Pagers

Give parents the option of leaving their children in the nursery area knowing they can be notified immediately if anything arises.

Customer Paging

> Coaster Pagers

> Adverteasers - Paddle Pager

Pagers are ideal for the deli or pharmacy.  They allow your customers to shop instead of waiting.  This decreases congestion while improving your bottom line.