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  • Improves speed of table turns
  • Quote more accurate wait times
  • Full overview of all seating areas from one location
  • Eliminate paper and pencil

T7502 Complete Total Control

Total Control is an all-in one, guest management system that combines table management, wait list entry,
reservations, guest paging and our patented cell phone text paging feature.

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T7503 Simplified Table Management

For restaurants who want limited functionality but still want the ability to bus, open, close, or hold a table as well as contact a guest using their own cell phone.


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T7503 Classic Waitlist Mode

For restaurants who want all the great features of Table Management in one small package. No monitor is required so space is minimal. All features are customizable and you can turn them on or off from the transmitter.


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Product FEatures

  • Table Management – Know which tables are open, closed, held or bused from a monitor at the hostess stand.

  • Remote Waitlist Entry – Eliminate host stand congestion by using the T901 handheld transceiver to place guests on the waitlist from anywhere in the restaurant. Ideal for locations with more than one entry or crowded waiting areas.

  • Reservations & Call Aheads – Manage, create, edit and view reservations from the T7502 as well as online for up to a year in advance.

  • Cell Phone Paging (optional) – When a guest’s table is ready, the Total Control
    system calls the guest’s cell phone giving them three options: 1. Return and be seated, 2. Cancel, or 3. Request an additional 10 minutes.

  • Text Paging – Send custom text messages to guest's cell phone

  • Guest Paging – Page any LRS guest pager to notify guests when their table is ready.

  • Server Paging – Notifies server when a party is seated in their section

  • Manager Paging – Notify manager with preprogammed or custom messages.

  • Software Upgrades – Upgrades may be downloaded via the Internet.

  • Configuration Backup – Settings are backed up to the included SD Card



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T901 Handheld & T7503 Transmitter


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Compatible equipment


> T7502


> T7503


> T901


> Table Genie

> Cell Phone


> Coaster Call

> Adverteaser (Paddle Pager)

Alphanumeric Pager

> Alphanumeric Pager

Lobster Call

> Lobster Call

> Service Pager