tradeshow & special event communication solutions

Trade shows can sometimes make or break your company. Your latest prospect arrives at your booth and asks to speak to your salesperson. Unfortunately, the salesperson left the booth about 5 minutes ago. The prospect says they’ll come back later….yeah, right. Opportunity knocked but nobody was there.
How many times has this happened to your company?

To solve this problem, Long Range Systems introduces instant staff communication. Each of these systems can eliminate missed opportunities like the one described above. You can purchase systems, or if you are interested in renting, please see our Rental Agreement.

Benefits of Instant Paging:

• No missed sales opportunities
• Gather employees for meetings
• Call all employees at the end of the day


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Paging Systems

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On-site alphanumeric pagers display a detailed message instructing the person what booth to return to.This transmitter can automatically page a person at a preset time reminding them of a meeting or important event. You can even page entire groups such as service people or a product line group.