LRS Pagers help mobile blood units process donors faster

One of the most time consuming aspects of collecting blood offsite is maintaining a smooth flow of donors, especially at larger locations like office buildings. With an LRS donor paging system, your mobile collection units can now streamline the blood donation process.

The donor paging system provides a simple solution for locating blood donation participants and maintaining schedules. A donor is given a pager so they can return to their office, classroom, etc. They are then paged a few minutes before their scheduled appointment time. This way, they don’t forget their appointment time, and their schedule is not overly disrupted. As an added benefit, this will minimize crowding in the bloodmobile and donation area. Our Freedom transmitter also provides the convenient option to page donors on their cell phone.


blank Why LRS?



• Instantly pages donors no matter where they are in the building
• Eliminates the task of searching for donors
• Prevents scheduling delays caused by donors forgetting appointment times
• Allows donors to tend to their daily schedule while they wait
• Eliminates disruptive overhead paging
• Prevents crowding of bloodmobile or donation area
• Improves customer service
• Collect donations faster so you can move on to the next scheduled blood drive


• Three models to choose from:
> Coaster Pagers
> Alpha Coasters
> AdverTeaser™ Paddle Pagers
• Pagers flash, beep, vibrate, or glow
• Most durable and highest quality pagers on the market
• UHF FM Frequency provides better range
• Customized labels (optional)

Guest pagers

Restaurant Pagers - Coaster

> Coaster Call Pagers for Blood Centers

Coaster call flashes and vibrates to alert donors when it's their turn to give blood. They come in 3 colors: red, green and blue.

Restaurant Server Pager

> Alpha Coaster Pagers for Blood Centers

Equipped with an LCD screen, the alpha coaster allows you to send a text message to remind donor participants about their appointments Available in 2 colors: blue and red.

Restaurant Pagers - Paddle

> AdvertTeasers (Paddle Pagers)

Our unique paddle pager featuring one-piece construction paddles. The paddle houses an insert which may be replaced with your own special or advertisement.

Upgrade To The Freedom Transmitter
For Cell Phone Paging

• Reduce initial system cost
• Sends a pre-recorded message to any cell phone