Bowling center solutions

Serve your bowling customers faster and earn more profits

Faster Service. More Revenue. Happier Customers. That’s what LRS has been helping bowling centers achieve for almost 15 years. And, we can do the same for you.
Our high-quality customer and staff paging systems, and compact two-way radios, are designed to make your job easier by streamlining your operations. They’ll also make your bowling center more profitable by helping you serve more people per day.


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customer Paging

There are several ways LRS customer pagers can improve service and increase your profits:

• Waiting for Food — After ordering food, customers can return to bowling or the arcade while they wait. When the food is ready, the pager lets them know instantly so they can get it fresh and hot.

• Waiting for a Lane — When lanes are busy, give customers a pager so they can play pool, visit the arcade, sit at the bar or eat something. They spend more money instead of sitting around waiting.

• Waiting for a Lasertag — Hand pagers to waiting players so they’ll know the moment their session is about to start. Since sessions start on time, you can run more of them every day — and earn more revenue.

• Eliminate Overhead Paging Get rid of the overhead PA system while keeping customers from crowding around the front desk and other areas while they wait.

Three models to choose from:

> Coaster Pagers
> Pizza Pager
> Adver-Teaser™ Paddle Pagers

push for service paging

These simple-to-use, silent push-button systems improve service and increase sales by giving your customers the convenience of “on-demand” service. 

> Bowling Butler (Butler XP)
This tough, 100% waterproof unit lets customers page staff members from anywhere in your facility. They can order food or ask for assistance by simply sending a message to any employee wearing an LRS alphanumeric pager. It can also be used by employees to contact other staff members.

> Table Genie
Push For Service - Table GenieFor multiple messaging, this tiny three-button transmitter is what you need. Each button can be programmed to send specific messages to a monitor at the front desk or anywhere else when service is needed. It also works in single-button mode.

> Butler II™
Push Button Paging - Butler IIThe low-cost, short-range paging solution. This slim, five-button unit attaches to almost any surface. Each button can be programmed to silently page a staff member or manager wearing an LRS alphanumeric pager.

PC Paging


> NetPage Unlimited

Now you can send text messages silently and easily from any stand-alone or network computer to employees wearing an LRS Alphanumeric pager. Send detailed or pre-canned messages to one person or your entire staff. You can also use the system to page customers.

Bulldog™ pager alert

> Bulldog Pager Alert System

The new Bulldog™ is the ideal way to stop people from walking off with your pagers. All you have to do is place this tiny unit over an exit doorway. If a staff member or customer walks through carrying a pager, the pager will start to vibrate or beep continuously until it’s returned.