Contact anyone, anywhere on-site with this powerful, weatherproof paging system

The ability to contact someone on-site instantly is vital in any industry. With the powerful Butler XP paging system, you can do it easily. Just press the button and it immediately sends a silent page to anyone in your building wearing an LRS alphanumeric pager. With its powerful range, it will reach them no matter where they are.

The Butler XP is perfect for every kind of business. It’s 100% weatherproof and made of heavy-duty lexan plastic so it can be used anywhere — indoors or outdoors. Customers can use it to contact staff members when they need help or service. Staff members can use it to contact each other when they need assistance.

Warehouses. Restaurants. Bowling centers. Blood Donation Centers. Car Washes. Marinas. Even beaches and pools. The uses for the Butler XP are endless. It helps enhance customer satisfaction, improve service, boost staff efficiency, increase sales and lower operation costs.


  • Transmits up to 1/4 mile (More than any other product available)
  • 100% Waterproof and tamper proof
  • Each transmitter sends one custom message
  • Pages directly to pager (no hardwiring required)
  • Pages one person or entire groups of people (up to 99 groups)
  • Program how often you want it to re-page from 10 seconds to every 5 minutes (up to 10 minutes maximum)
  • Up to 9,999 Butler XPs can be used at one location
  • Holds up to 14 different system IDs
  • Can re-program­ all LRS pagers on-site
  • Optional pen available with magnet that cancels re-pages (includes lanyard for easy carrying)
  • Uses 2 AA alkaline batteries
  • Batteries last 8 to 12 months
  • Alerts manager when power is low
  • Dimensions: 2.75” x 7” x 1.375”
  • Optional magnetic keychain to cancel re-pages available
  • USB interface
  • 1-year warranty

Multiple Installation Options

Mount it on a pole with Velcro Strips or Rubber Bands (both included).

Mount it on a table so guests
can page for service.

Shown attached to a beach chair with the Umbrella Clip (optional).


Ideal for many Industries and Uses

• Resort
• Bowling Centers
• Warehouses
• Grocery Stores
• Pharmacies
• Car Washes
• Hospitals
• Country Clubs
• Restaurants

• Stadiums/Arenas
• Banks
• Retailers
• Nursing Homes
• Marinas
• Waterparks
• Manufacturing
• Department Stores
• Medical Offices

• Home Improvement
• Warehouse Clubs
• Schools
• Amusement Parks
• Convention Centers
• Auto Dealerships
• Spas

Shown below with optional pole clip
(Click image for larger view)

Compatible Equipment

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