rechargeable Alphanumeric Pager - DISCONTINUED

The SP5 is our very first rechargeable Alphanumeric pager. Durable and reliable, it’s powered by a NiHM battery and features an easy-to-read twenty-character, single-line backlit display. The display is scrollable so messages as long as 255 characters can be sent.

With the addition of the SP5, you now have three pagers you can use with our line of wireless server paging systems. LRS server paging systems work like this: When a server comes in for their shift, they take a pager and program it to their server number. When an order is ready, the chef simply presses one or two buttons on the LRS transmitter to instantly page the server.

LRS server pagers keep customers happier because they receive faster service. Plus, it improves server performance so restaurants get faster table turns and higher check averages.

Our rechargeable alphanumeric pager is compatible with the T7470 Freedom, NetPage Unlimited, the Butler XP, Butler II , Pronto Push For Service Series transmitter alert system and our TX-7470-C232 Transmitter

Product Features

  • 20 character display – 255 total
  • Rechargeable NiHM battery
  • Adjustable contrast and vibration levels
  • Field programmable
  • Pager memory cleared when reset
  • Low battery detection
  • Multiple vibe & tone alerts
  • Backlight display
  • Slightly textured surface reduces dropping
  • Built-in Out-of-Range indicator
  • FCC & CE Approved
  • Dimensions: 3"w x 1.9"h x .88"d


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