Allegiant's electronic Comment Card

Your key to insuring ongoing quality to your customers and ongoing success to your business depends greatly on your ability to recognize trends and act on feedback from your guests. Our electronic comment card will enable you to survey your guests and review reports on a daily basis.

How It Works

  1. The patented handheld devices are handed out to customers. They are attracted to the easy-to-use technology and conveniently input their survey responses.
  2. The trays are docked at the end of the day. After hours, the docking stations dial out to our database and transfer all survey data
  3. Pre-designed reports are generated and distributed, via email, to your specified management team members


  • Built-in transmitter pages managers for any negative responses (if enabled).
  • Provides instant feedback from your customers
  • Promotional feature keeps the "regulars" interested in answering also
  • Calculator feature benefits the customer for tips, split tabs, etc.

Product Features

  • Pages managers upon a negative response
  • No PC required - only a phone or fax line
  • Up to 4 different surveys per tray
  • 26-button "understandable" keypad
  • 20-character by 4-line scrolling display
  • Rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries
  • Lasts up to 20 hours on a single charge
  • Space-saving stack-charging method
  • 100% programmable from the base station
  • Built-in tip calculator
  • Built-in transmitter for use with LRS alphanumeric pagers
  • Web-based downloads
  • Promotional drawing feature with programmable odds - award a prize to every 1 in 50, etc. (you set the odds) customers who complete a survey
  • Holds up to 300+ survey responses
  • Tray Dimensions: 8" x 6" x .75"
  • Simple reporting structure
  • View sample reports:
    > Weekly Server Summary
    > Daily Summary


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Customer Survey Tray

Informant Trays

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Informant trays stacked on Master Base

Compatible equipment

> Rechargeable Alpha Pager

Alphanumeric Pager

> Alphanumeric Pager

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How do you currently monitor your customer’s satisfaction?

Although the reports are thorough, you get one persons perspective, 2-4 times per month. It is difficult to accurately evaluate operational performance and make effective adjustments based on snapshot evaluations.

Incentive required. Experience is evaluated hours or days after the fact. This tool will not attract all demographics represented in your establishment. Therefore, the results you receive may not be a fair representation of your customer's views.

Only effective if the managers consistently visit the majority of the customers and effectively probe for satisfaction information. This is rare at best. Difficult to tabulate performance or trends.

Third party information. You hear their version if/when they choose to share it with you.

Too few to matter. Usually will only capture extremes, i.e. Very Satisfied or Very Dissatisfied.

Why should you choose our satisfaction assessment services?

Our patented, easy-to-use technology ensures the highest quantities of customer survey responses. Response rate has consistently been over 75%

Our survey system provides a valid cross-section of your customer base. Our data is tamper-proof and electronically recorded and stored.

Upon a negative response, the Informant tray pages a manager with a table number, question number and response. This key feature enables management to retain potentially lost customers BEFORE they leave your restaurant.

Our surveys are designed to establish performance benchmarks for each area of your operation.

Keep your finger on the pulse. If customer satisfaction slips below a benchmark target, you NOW have the ability to interject change, BEFORE it has a long-term negative impact.

With these powerful, cutting edge features at a monthly cost less than a secret shopper service, our assessment service is value-packed.