Health Club Solutions

With health club membership on the rise, it is vital to give your customers the attention they demand. Coordinating members with trainers, dieticians and other specialists can be a challenge. With LRS staff paging systems, you can keep your staff organized, efficient and reduce much of the overhead requirements. 


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STAFF Paging

> Health Club Staff Paging

Page staff silently from any computer via alphanumeric pager ensuring they won't miss the message. Keep your staff connected and informed no matter where they are on the premises.

Nursery & Childcare Paging

> Family Paging

Provides peace-of-mind for parents who drop off their children while they work out. Family paging enables staff to notify parents if assistance is needed.

PushButton Assistance

> Member Assistance

Give your club the edge over the competition by allowing customers to call trainers immediately when they need assistance.