Nursery paging System

Nursery paging systems are the perfect tool to help you provide peace-of-mind to visitors and members alike when they leave their children in your nursery. Nursery paging is also a security device allowing parents to only pick up the children assigned to that pager.

Church Nursery Paging help you:

  • Maintain a professional atmosphere
  • Eliminate overhead audible PA paging
  • Locate parents more quickly for immediate needs
  • Ease parents anxiety when leaving their children in your nursery


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Nursery pagers

nursery pager

nursery paddle pager

> Service Pager With Cradle

Our most popular pager for nursery paging systems, the service pager is the best on the market today.

> AdvertTeasers (Paddle Pagers)

The AdverTeaser is also a popular pager for nursery paging systems. It's rugged, features one piece design, and allows you to advertise special promotions and specials.

> Coaster Call

The first pager in the shape of a drink coaster. Coaster call flashes and vibrates to alert parents when they are needed. The come in 3 colors: clear, smoked and blue.

> Rechargeable Alphanumeric
Enjoy the convenience of full text messages without the hassle of changing batteries. Our rechargeable alphanumeric pager enables staff to be specific when paging parents.