Blood center solutions

A great percentage of blood donations are collected from mobile blood units situated at sites such as community organizations, companies, high schools, colleges, places of worship or military sites. As the number of blood donor participants increases, making the donor process organized and as efficient as possible becomes important.  LRS’ blood donor paging solutions are designed to make the blood donation operation the simple process it should be. Our solutions streamline operations, providing you with the ability to make the donation experience pleasant and convenient for both staff and donor participants.


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Donor Paging

Donor PagersStay on schedule with operations by locating donors. Page donor participants to remind them of their scheduled appointment time and minimize the chances of no-shows.

We have several pager models to choose from:

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Electronic Comment Card
Donor Survey

electronic comment cardDonor experience is a reflection of repeat donor participation. Don’t let donors leave without them telling you about their experience. Ensure instant participant feedback with the electronic comment card and get results without waiting days or weeks for results, as you would with traditional survey methods.

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Butler II & Butler XP- Push For Service

As mobile blood donor units draw in a mixture of new and repeat donor participants, each experience can be unique. Creating an environment that encourages safety and support is important in donor operations. The Butler paging systems provide a one-touch solution that allows donor participants to instantly page a donor staff member when they have questions or need assistance.

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